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Meet Your 21ST Century
Credit Card Terminal

  • Paper ● Text ● Email receipts
  • Download apps
  • Touch Screen Signature
  • Apple Pay Enabled
  • EMV Compliance
  • PCI Compliance
  • Automatically Stores Customer Data


Meet Jan

groomed to succeed &
Ivy League trained to exceed
your most stringent demands


You’ve worked hard to get to where you are
with your business.

Our Relationship Managers have the tools
and the know how to keep you focused on
what’s important to you.

- Interchange Plus Pricing
- Next Day Funding
- No Cost Equipment Upgrades
- EMV Compliance Guarantee
- Five Year Rate Protection
- Chargeback Protection
- Dedicated Domestic Support Team

Experience you can trust

As a leader in payment processing,  NPA can provide comprehensive end-to-end B2C and B2B payment solutions.

Unparalleled Client Care

NPA’s team approach to client care provides both reliable and attentive support. Our process provides you with the confidence to know that when questions and problems arise, we will answer and resolve them.

Trusted Business Partner

NPA has been awarded high ratings by impartial business ethics organizations, meaning that you can trust us to work with you both professionally and ethically.

About Us

National Processing Alliance provides processing solutions to retail and wholesale
merchants for the 21st century. Together with our strategic partners,
NPA is proud to be part of the current technological revolution.

To be competitive, you need to have the right credit card processing tools.
That’s why NPA provides you with tomorrow’s technology today,
while providing top-notch customer support for our clients.

We provide solutions for a diverse range of business models,
ranging from basic to complex, while taking particular pride
in offering solutions for even the most difficult problems.

  • 1 on 1 Support

    1 on 1 support is what the other guys do. As a member of
    National Processing Alliance you receive a team of four to
    handle all of your account needs at your local level.

    • Regional Vice President
    • Elite Client Care Specialist
    • Tech Support Specialist
    • Processing Support Specialist

    As a member of National Processing Alliance you receive Interchange Plus Pricing. Further, your rates are Guaranteed for Five Years in Writing!

  • Smooth and Easy

    Since you are already processing with one of our backends, the transition is smooth and easy. More importantly, With No Out of Pocket Expense To You!

  • Years of experience

    National Processing Alliance executives have handled our nation’s largest accounts since 1959 the same year American Express introduced the first card made of plastic. Now, NPA offers the lowest “TIER 1” rates in the industry exclusively to national retailers processing a minimum of $5MM in monthly volume and have established locations in all 48 contiguous states.

What others say about us

“The guys at National Processing Alliance delivered lower rates to process credit cards for my business than anyone else. They’re professional, and more importantly, pay attention to details – exactly what you want from a merchant processor. Our business is saving $6,600 a year compared to the fees our last processor was charging us.”

“Finally, a company that delivers on their promises. As a Dentist, my time is extremely valuable. The NPA executive was on time, fully prepared and actually knew his business inside and out. The solution he provided included state of the art technology no one else seemed to be able to offer. More importantly, he provided the technology with no out of pocket expense while saving me 32 percent on my processing fees. And to top it off, my rates are guaranteed for five years! I highly recommend National Processing Alliance.”

“Mike from NPA really took the time to explain how everything works. Professional, friendly, and most importantly, saved me money. Would definitely recommend to other business owners.”

Great Experience! The tech was very helpful and knowledgeable! He went above and beyond to even get us a router and create WiFi for our office.  We had the Clover system installation done today and this is one of the best systems for payment processing there is out there with numerous applications to make life easier!!

Service with a smile and rates that simply cannot be beat!
Our rep handled everything. He even helped set up our PC to run faster while he was here installing the new terminal.

We love our new Clover. Thank you NPA for a job well done!

Very impressed with the equipment and installation process. Excellent service and support, and very applicable and streamlined to a medical setting. Not to mention, the ultra low rates. Overall, very happy with the savings AND the support.

As an owner of a busy health food shop, it is so important for our daily transactions to go quickly and seamlessly without any hiccups slowing us down. Last week we foresaw one of these hiccups, of running out of terminal paper, prematurely approaching us! Yikes! We called NPA and the representative made sure to take care of us. Not only, did this company get us our paper that day, but they sympathized by going out of their way to make this happen for us so we wouldn’t run out of paper, which would essentially halt our productivity. I am greatly appreciative NPA helped us out of what could have been a big pickle! Thank you to the rep who cared!

As an office manager for a two location Orthodontist office, I deal with a lot of service providers. I have to say that everyone at NPA is very helpful, kind and courteous.
They actually install equipment in person, went the extra mile to add switching equipment and didn’t even charge us for the time or parts.
The system works flawlessly and the rep was highly trained and very unobtrusive to our workflow during the install. I love the fact that our logo shines brightly on the devices at the checkout counter.

The install was completed with care and attention to detail.
The new system allows for our logo to appear on the counter-top unit. It turned out that our logo was lower resolution than the terminal could handle. Without even having to ask, our rep offered to Photoshop the logo up to a higher resolution! Who does that?

I would highly recommend NPA.

Our rep came in to help us set up and upgrade our credit card system and he was an absolute delight. He made sure we were fully trained, answered any questions we had, set everything up nice and neat and even got us a new router so our internet issues would stop. The absolute best service, i would highly recommend their services.

Great company, excellent service. Loved their personalized installation approach. For the first time in many years I’m not tripping over my wires. The installer took the time to organize neatly all of my wires under the counter. Thanks guys! 🙂

Very professional experience. From the reps who handled the interview thru the highly skilled tech that installed the Clover System and ultimately the after care service and support. NPA is a solid company who’s depth of professionalism is seldom seen in this day and age.
I would highly recommend this group to those Medical professionals who require Excellent Service and Support.

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