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NATIONAL PROCESSING ALLIANCE, INC. (NPA) offers Business Process Optimization services (BPO), including Broad Spectrum Financial Services, to the Fortune 5000 and select medical and retail businesses nationwide.

Business Process Optimization

Business Process Optimization utilizes a three-prong approach.

          1. NPA will decrease employee workload, thereby allowing our clients to realize upwards of 12% increase in their workforce productivity.
          1. Through an exclusive mix of joint venture and strategic alliances, NPA reduces the cost of existing business services whereby, clients realize as much as 62% in specific operating cost reductions.
          1. NPA has cultivated a unique ability to improve our clients’ bottom line, allowing clients to enjoy as much as 10, 20, even 30% or more in annual revenue increases through focused strategies unique to each business type and model.

It all started when our executives witnessed the birth of the modern era of payment processing in 1984 when VeriFone® introduced the ZON JR. Mag Stripe Terminal and thus the magnetic card swipe revolution began. Fast forward to today, National Processing Alliance is at the forefront of yet another revolution. Embedded chip card technology is the foundation on which future, even more secure, card payment methods are being developed. It is these technologies that are the springboard for National Processing Alliance’s continued effort to develop strategies on the leading edge of the payment processing industry.

From the beginning, NPA executives have offered interchange plus pricing to those retailers who process over $50MM monthly and have locations in all 48 contiguous states.

Fast forward to 2016 where you find National Processing Alliance offering the same low rates and award-winning services to ALLIED HEALTH (Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Optometry) as well as RESTAURANTS and other SELECT ULTRA-LOW RISK SMB.  NPA enabled these merchants and professionals alike to prosper by providing the reduction of the expense gap, typically only offered to big-box retailers.  Not surprisingly, what is now known as the MedTrust Alliance® has become a huge success.

National Processing Alliance realized early on that meeting the challenge of establishing the business relationships, setting up the accounts, and ultimately supporting them in the manner expected only by Fortune 5000 retailers would be expensive and draw heavily on available resources. The solution came when NPA made the decision to ally itself with the very best processors in the industry. Today’s NPA is the product of those Alliances.

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