Get started with NPA’s MOTO credit card processing system today!

Processing payments through the mail, over the phone, or via fax is called MOTO credit card processing. MOTO processing allows you to complete payments without the customer or card being there in-person by manually entering the customer’s credit card information with the keypad or virtual terminal. This type of account is ideal for businesses that offer delivery services. National Processing Alliance Merchant Services has secure equipment that keeps customer information private.


The MOTO Retail Processing System includes:

  • Toll-Free, 24/7 customer service and technical support
  • No application or reprogramming fees – free account set-up
  • Automatic approval for the Business Quick Cash Advance

And if you are already working with a virtual credit card terminal that you like, a switch to NPA’s lower rates still allows you to keep the same process and terminal, in most cases.