Retail Merchant Accounts

A Retail Merchant Account is reserved for companies like retail stores, restaurants, salons, doctor’s offices and more.

Providing a wide range of payment options to your customers is important because it can increase sales and customer loyalty. Allowing them to pay with credit cards can directly influence the success and income of your business.

A Retail Merchant Account is best for companies whose total business is more than 70% credit card transactions. Gas stations, retail shops, restaurants, and doctor’s offices are all examples of retail merchants.

NPA Merchant Services works directly with your company to efficiently and safely process debit, credit, and check payments. Our team will assist in designing a retail processing system that fits your specific needs, and our credit card terminal ensures that your customer payments are approved and funds are quickly transferred.


The Retail Merchant Account Processing System includes:

  • Toll-Free, 24/7 customer service and technical support
  • No application or reprogramming fees and a free account set-up
  • Automatic approval for the Business Quick Cash Advance


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